Fine Art Landscape Photography of Mallorca


Decorate your home with the most suggestive landscapes of Majorca

✔ Available the complete author's collection.
✔ Laminated original prints, mounted or unmounted.
✔ Individually crafted prints by Cliché Digital, laboratory specialized in artistic prints in Balearics.
✔ Museum quality giclee printing, pigmented inks, longevity 150 years.
✔ Printing and mounting operation personally monitored by the author.
✔ Delivery time: 7-10 days.
✔ Size from 60 cm. up to 300 cm. larger side.
✔ Several mounting options to choose from.
✔ Optional: transport and installation by qualified personnel (Majorca only)

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Timelapse Video Production of long-term processes
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Service features

✔ Production of timelapse videos of long-term processes: days, weeks or months.
✔ Examples: execution of construction works, renovations, refurbishments, demolitions.
✔ High-quality product: Raw image captures and manual thorough video editing in specialized software.
✔ Available throughout all Spain territory.
✔ 15 years of experience in the timelapse technique.

All-inclusive service

✔ Initial study of project feasibility.
✔ Installation of one or more autonomous equipments on site.
✔ Maintenance of installed equipment.
✔ Online images updated in real time.
✔ Video delivery in 4K resolution, MP4 format.

Video - additional options

✔ Creative works: 'Before and After' photographic report.
✔ Creative works: Reports of specific details during the development of the work.
✔ Aerial imagery.
✔ Additional elements in the video: texts, logo, licensed soundtrack.

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Copyright of all images and videos: Juan Marcos Molina Gilfillansite by Bluekea