About me

About me

Professional Photographer in Majorca

Marcos Molina (Palma de Majorca, 1965).

Vocational artist and photographer specialized in nature landscape.


I started practicing photography at the age of 15, inspired by the natural beauty of Majorca. The regular practice of collective hiking helps me to get acquainted with the land and with the rhythms of nature, initiating the discovery of high scenic value locations. Gradually, driven by my growing creative restlessness, I abandon hiking to devote myself exclusively to solo photography. The decades of the 80s, 90s and 2000s represent a slow and progressive learning curve of the technique and the complex mechanism of ambient light and local weather, as well as its treatment. After the initial stage of mere exploration, the natural concern of image planning arises. With the means at my disposal, I undertake multiple specialized activities such as caving, canoeing, freediving, climbing, overnight stays in the open air and piloted flights in order to push limits once again to expand my creative sphere. The perseverance, discipline and spirit of improvement have allowed me to acquire a solid experience over the last 35 years, materialized in an extensive unique photographic collection of the natural landscape of Majorca and of the Sierra de Tramuntana in particular, available in limited edition fine prints.


I have published images in multiple travel magazines and have collaborated in a variety of editorial works and advertising campaigns such as the Unesco Candidacy for the Sierra de Tramuntana in 2011. In 2016 I presented Llums de Tramuntana, a luxury edition self-published book, dispatching 900 copies in the first quarter. The same year I was awarded first prize at the Glanzlichter international nature photography competition in Germany, in the landscape category.


Professional photographer since 2010, currently expanding horizons in commercial initiatives, such as the creation of content for architecture and nautical business as well as long-term construction timelapse video production.

Member of AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers) and AFONIB (Balearic Islands Association of Nature Photographers).


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• "Glanzlichter" (Projekt Natur & Fotografie, Germany). Winner category "Magnificent Wilderness" (Landscape), 2016.

Own publications
• Book "Llums de Tramuntana" ("Tramuntana Light"). FotoNaTour Ediciones. Self-publishing. Palma de Majorca, 2016

• «Altair» magazine #18. "Especial Marruecos" (Morocco special issue). Barcelona, 1995.
• «Altair» magazine #20. "Mallorca, sus tesoros ocultos" (Majorca, her hidden treasures). Barcelona, 1995.
• «Altair» magazine #23. "Especial India del norte" (Northern India special issue). Barcelona, 1995.
• «Altair» magazine #26. "Especial Nepal" (Nepal special issue). Barcelona, 1995.
• «Esperando la tormenta» (Waiting for the storm) exhibition. Akane. Fundació la Caixa, Barcelona, 1997.
• «Viajes National Geographic» magazine #102, "Mallorca. La sugerente costa norte" (Majorca. The suggestive North coast). RBA, Barcelona, 2008.
• «Serra de Tramuntana. Candidate for Unesco World Heritage" advertising campaign. Consell de Mallorca, 2008.
• «Flores del Puig Major» (Flowers of the Puig Major) book. Consellería de Medi Ambient, Govern de les Illes Balears, 2008.
• «Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge Vol. IV» music CD art. Cappucino franchise. Palma de Majorca, 2009.
• «Formentor, la utopía posible»  (Formentor, the possible utopia) book. Grupo Barceló, Palma de Majorca, 2009.
• «Fauna endémica. Evidencia de evolución» (Endemic fauna. Evidence of evolution) book. Consellería de Medi Ambient, Govern de les Illes Balears, 2009.
• «La montaña y el poeta. Joan Alcover» (The mountain and the poet. Joan Alcover) TV documentary. La Perifèrica. Palma de Majorca, 2010.
• «L'Obra d'un Gegant. La Serra de Tramuntana i Mallorca» (The work of a giant. The Serra de Tramuntana and Majorca) TV film. IRU/Singular. Palma de Majorca, 2011.
• «La Mirada Forana: les Illes Balears vistes pels viatgers» (The foreign look: the Balearic islands seen from a traveler view) book. Govern de les Illes Balears, 2012.
• «Olivos milenarios de Mallorca» (Millenial olive trees of Majorca) book. Fundación Alda. Palma de Majorca, 2013.  
• «IRIS» annual magazine #20. "Portfolio". Nature photographers association of Spain (Aefona), 2013
• «Inicios de la escalada en Mallorca» (Beggining of rock climbing in Majorca) book. Climbing and mountaneering Balearic federation. Palma de Majorca, 2014
• «Descobrir Catalunya» magazine #198, "La Serra de Tramuntana de Marcos Molina" ("Marcos Molina's Serra de Tramuntana"). Sàpiens publicacions, Barcelona, 2014
• «LNH» online magazine #19. "La Sierra de Tramuntana, Mallorca" (Tramuntana mountains, Majorca). 2014
• «Llum» photo book. 10 pages introduction «The Light of Majorca». Balearic Islands Nature Photographers Association (Afonib), Palma de Majorca, 2014
• «Agenda LNH Iris» online magazine #13 (Aefona). Interview,  2015
• «GEO Special Mallorca», German edition, #05/2015, 4-page panoramic poster, Germany, 2015
• «Agenda Iris» online magazine #17. "Shooting landscape with telephoto lenses" article. Nature Photographers Association of Spain (Aefona), 2016
• Monthly magazine in Balearics area «Conciencia» #4. Article "Photography of Mountains" and cover, 2017.
• "Son Bauza (Valldemossa), Finca, Jardines, Esculturas. Encanto" photography book, 150 pages. Private assignement, 2018
• Screening of «Llums de Tramuntana» timelapse documentary, Grand Gala 50th Anniversary Auditorium of Palma, May 24th, 2019.
• «L'Àguila Coabarrada a Mallorca» (Bonelli's Eagle on Mallorca: a necessary element). Consellería de Medi Ambient, Govern de les Illes Balears, 2020
• Photograph back cover, book «Jaume Bover Pujol, Bibliògraf, bibliotecari i erudit –Liber amicorum–». Ed. Documenta Balear. Ajuntament d'Andratx, 2020.

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