Long-term construction timelapse video production



Lapsify is a project born in Majorca, an initiative of Marcos Molina, a Majorcan photographer with more than 25 years of experience, specialized in the timelapse technique.

✔  Long-term timelpase video production service for construction works spanning weeks or months.

✔  Lapsify is aimed at advertising agencies and construction companies that wish to benefit from a powerful marketing tool to reinforce their image. 

✔  Unlike other timelapse solutions on the market, Lapsify covers all stages of your project in a seamless customized process, through a face-to-face, personalized customer service:

  • Expert customer assistance to find the best arrangement for your time-lapse project.
  • On-site installation and maintenance of our own high performance timelapse system.
  • Supervision of the project throughout its entire length.
  • Professional video editing with market-leading specialized software.

✔  The full story of your build in a timelapse video. Months of work summarised in a vibrant, dynamic, short, high-quality 4K resolution timelapse video clip, ready to use, delivered at project end.

✔  Private online monitoring: check the progress of your work with images and timelapse video in real time.

✔  Suitable for: building construction, renovation works, demolitions, parking lot construction, solar power plant construction, exterior/interior structures set-up, agriculture/forestry processes and more.

✔  Unique service in Majorca.

✔  Tailor-made Estimate Pricing. Competitive prices.

✔  Based in Majorca, Balearic islands. We cover any project throughout the island. For assignments outside of Majorca island, please contact us and we will be pleased to study your case.


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